British Sikh Report 2019

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9 out of 10 Sikhs would respect the wishes of a family member
who wants to donate their organs after they die, according to?the British Sikh Report

Furthermore, 76% believe that Sikhs uphold the human rights of others in society


London, UK ? 23 April 2019:

The seventh annual British Sikh Report (BSR) is launched today. It is the only robust strategic document of its kind. Based on the results of a survey of almost 2,500 Sikhs throughout the country, it aims to provide quantitative data about the British Sikh community at large.

One of the topics this year’s report has focussed on is organ donation. The key findings are:

  • 95% of Sikh women and 93% of Sikh men would respect the wishes of a family member wanting to donate their organs after their death
  • 40% of Sikhs stated that they were registered for organ donation or carry an organ donor card

Other key findings include:

  • 85 of Sikhs believe that events such as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre should be taught at school
  • 42% of Sikhs would consider adopting Sikh children, and 29% would consider adopting non-Sikh children
  • One in ten Sikh households (11%) have somebody living with dementia or Alzheimer?s, whilst 62% of Sikhs living with dementia or Alzheimer?s are looked after by their family
  • Three out of four Sikhs (76%) believe that the community upholds the human rights of others in society

It is hoped that the report will help raise awareness of various issues within the Sikh community as well as lead to improved resources and services available specifically for British Sikhs.

Jasvir Singh, chair of the British Sikh Report, commented, ?It?s heartening to know that the vast majority of Sikhs would respect the wishes of family members becoming organ donors after they die. Organ donation is a huge issue, and the change in the law in having to ?opt out? of the donor register will have great implications in the longer term, but family members will still be able to refuse the donation even after the law changes. Hopefully the British Sikh Report will help encourage people to think twice before preventing a loved one from donating their organs.?

The document is to be launched at a Parliamentary event tonight (23rd April 2019) co-hosted by Pat McFadden MP and the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP where Peers and MPs from across the political spectrum as well as grassroots community activists and many others will discuss the findings within the British Sikh Report and the challenges regarding organ donation within the Sikh community.

British Sikh Report 2019

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