Sikh Recovery Network report 2022 - Impacts of alcohol consumption amongst Sikhs

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5th October 2023

The first Sikh Recovery Network (SRN) report,supported by the British Sikh Report (BSR) published in 2022


Welcome to to leverage their well-established expertise in research within the Sikh community. This essential research is conducted by Sikhs, about Sikhs, for everyone who is interested or concerned about the impact of alcohol misuse in Sikh communities.

The focus of this report is to investigate and understand the reality of alcohol consumption amongst Sikhs living in Britain. It provides insights for alcohol service providers to identify gaps and will help to tailor their approach accordingly. The report addresses the taboo that surrounds alcohol and substance abuse within the Sikh community and how individuals are affected from a cultural perspective, leaving them feeling ostracised, and the fear of being judged.

This report includes the following findings from the survey of Sikhs living in Britain, with 61% of respondents (64% of men and 56% of women) saying that they currently consume alcohol, and another 9% saying that they did but are now in recovery:

Among those who currently consume alcohol:

• 18% said they drink alcohol at least 4 times every week (20% of women and 17% of men)

• 21% of respondents in full time employment and 16% of those in part time employment said they drink alcohol at least 4 times every week, compared with 10% of those who are unemployed

• 12% of women and 18% of men drink 10 or more units of alcohol per day. 32% only drink 1 – 2 units of alcohol per day and 27% drink 3 – 4 units per day

• 19% of those aged 50 – 64 years consumed 10 or more units of alcohol per day, the highest of all age groups

Problematic alcohol consumption

• 7% of respondents said that they could not stop drinking alcohol, once they had started

• 4% said that alcohol consumption resulted in them being unable to complete tasks expected of them almost daily, and another 6% on a weekly basis

• 12% said that they had suffered an injury as a result of drinking alcohol

• 33% of respondents who are ‘problematic drinkers’ said there are times when they are unable to remember the previous night due to alcohol (3% daily, 5% weekly, 6% monthly)

• 23% said others had suggested that they should reduce their alcohol consumption

For the full findings download the PDF report.

Sikh Recovery Network report 2022 - Impacts of alcohol consumption amongst Sikhs

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