Volunteer for the BSR

We always need a helping hand.

You can help the BSR and the Sikh community in a number of ways:

Resources you can download and share

You can help support the British Sikh Report by spreading the message on social media to friends and family. Please feel free to use the resources below to spread the message about the British Sikh Report when our annual questionnaire is live.


Donating towards the next BSR report helps us to ensure we can continue producing reports. Much of the effort provided is done as Seva but there a costs associated with print, design and events which we always need to raise money for.

Promote the questionnaire online and on social media

When our annual questionnaire is live you can help share the questionnaire link amongst friends and family when it is live and collecting responses and share the online shareable poster as well as change your Facebook profile picture to the BSR one temporarily.

You can also join our Twitter and Facebook groups to spread the word.

Online shareable poster for social media (JPG 451KB)
Facebook profile picture (JPG 106KB)




Fill in the questionnaire yourself

When our annual questionnaire is live and if you are a Sikh living in the UK, you can help by completing the questionnaire yourself. The BSR needs as many people to answer the questionnaire as possible each year.


Download a BSR poster

You can download a poster and ask permission to put it in your local Gurdwara to make people aware about the link to the questionnaire when our annual questionnaire is live.

Download A4 poster 

Help others fill in the questionnaire

Helping your family members complete the questionnaire when it’s live if they cannot do it by themselves. This will be very important for the older generation who may not be as technologically aware.

Promote BSR offline and at your local Gurdwara

When our annual questionnaire is live you can download a paper version of the questionnaire to print and help collect responses at your local Gurdwara.

We’ll share this here when it’s available.