British Sikh Report 2020

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This is the eighth in our series of strategic documents created by Sikhs about Sikhs, and for everyone with an interest in the lives of Sikhs in Britain.


UK, 16 November 2020:

We dedicate this edition to those Sikh organisations and individuals who have been working to support their communities throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, and those who work on key front line services.

The Office for National Statistics published statistics on COVID-19 related deaths by religious group on 19th June 2020, relating to the period 2nd March to 15th May. These showed that 24 per cent of Sikhs who died were aged below 65 years, compared with 10 per cent for the population as a whole. The data for this year’s report was mostly collected before the pandemic hit the UK, and therefore no questions were asked about this topic in the survey. We will aim to throw light on the impact of COVID-19 on Sikhs in the next report.

Key findings:

  • Organ donation: 53 per cent of Sikhs know of the law change in 2020 relating to “Opt out”, 60 per cent are happy with the change, and twothirds consider it to be sewa.

  • Disability: about 5 per cent reported that they have a disability, rising to 16 per cent for those aged over 65; 50 per cent are looked after by family and 19 per cent have respite care available

  • Loneliness: impacts most on younger age groups and declines with age; those not in marriages or civil partnerships are significantly more lonely or feel left out • Marriage and weddings: 44 per cent had arranged marriages, varying from 13 per cent for 20-34 year olds to 80 per cent for 65 and older

  • Relationship and Sex Education in Schools: High support but declines by age; 37 per cent want the right to withdraw children and 48 per cent do not

  • Faith schools: 54 per cent would like one in their area, 72 per cent for Amritdharis; Education achievement is the most important factor in choice of school

  • Accommodation: 45 per cent live in fully owned homes; 29 per cent buying with a mortgage; just 11 per cent in rented accommodation

  • Voting in December 2019 election: 78 per cent voted; 45 per cent Labour, 22 per cent Conservative, 6 per cent Lib Dem; Labour vote higher among younger voters, conservative vote higher in older age groups

British Sikh Report 2020

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